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About Us


Rangimārie Kelly

DIRECTOR | Digital Marketing Consultant


Te Tarai o Rahiri te maunga

Mangakahia te awa

Te Tarai o Rahiri te marae

Ngāti Toki te te hapū

Ngāpuhi te iwi

Ko Rangimārie Kelly toku ingoa

Kia ora koutou katoa!

I have over 10 years experience working alongside charities, organisations, SME’s, national and international brands and retailers. I provide technical and practical expertise, in website development, design, data analysis and reporting, digital marketing and online advertising.


My experience also includes health, local politics, government contracts, charities and proposals. The majority of our focuses primarily on projects with Maori Social Health Providers, while experience in commerce provides a useful counterpoint to some of the common default approaches in the sector.


Pikau Digital is selective about the clients we take on and the mahi we do, focusing on projects that embrace the benefits of forward planning and long term relationships in proactive partnership rather than reactive supply. We work efficiently, with clear purpose and communication, advocating realistic goals and timeframes within the unique ability, personnel and resources available to individual organisations.


Mauri Ora!



P: +64 21 180 2020

Benjamin Wood

DIRECTOR | Strategic Consultant

Ben has spent 20 years in organisational development projects across traditional NZ media TV, radio, advertising, and print for organisations, businesses and charities, pushing change and adaptation to structure, process and planning.


Experience in both successful and unsuccessful projects has led him to develop the K.E.E.N framework for organisational development.


Know Everything Everyone Needs forms the basis for the framework with clear and organised communication and a communal knowledge basket at the heart of its approach. From top to bottom, implement simple, clear signals that communicate needs and directions over long distance from the rockface to the basecamp. What are our core milestones, what are the smaller steps in between those milestones, what do we need to complete them and how do we communicate those needs?


Any successful project must;


A. Be encapsulated with a 100% possible completion. We need to know at all times how far up the mountain we are from 5% to 99%.


B. Quantify the resources and assets available at the start of the assent to create realistic goals and timelines for getting up the mountain. These are time (people), energy (ability and drive) and money.


C. Understand the ‘weather’ conditions. The political, social and economic environment we work in is not fixed, and as such everyone needs to understand the importance of watching the horizon and help each other learn to look ahead.


D. Create processes, assets and teams that are robust, efficient and adaptable as weather conditions change and long term development.

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